White Rice, Pakistan’s leading behavior design agency, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ProPakistani, Pakistan’s top digital publisher. The two organizations have joined hands to promote social impact work and showcase stories of change, with a recent signing that was attended by White Rice CEO Raheel Waqar and ProPakistani Founder Mr. Amir Atta.

ProPakistani is the largest independent news publisher in Pakistan. Already a leader in technology and telecom, ProPakistani is bringing the same expertise and comprehensive coverage to business, auto, startups, sports, and many other fields, averaging 15 million page views per month and 4 million unique visitors. On the other hand, White Rice is well known throughout Pakistan for its work in Behavior change and social impact and has partnered with notable international and local organizations.

According to Raheel Waqar, the aim of the strategic partnership was empowering disadvantaged communities and giving a voice to stories of change and resilience at the bottom of the pyramid.

“Combining the work that we do at White Rice with the largest independent news publisher, such as ProPakistani, we can massify our impact and extend to far-flung areas,” he added.

Using the ProPakistani platform and social impact work done by White Rice, both organizations hope to showcase a positive image of Pakistan and reach out to wider audiences.

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