As a behaviour change agency, we help organisations massify their impact, across each UN SDG, through uniquely designed behaviour change initiatives, immersive content & digital amplification.



Strategy &

Behaviour Change Communications

White Rice works on unique challenges, systemic issues and problems that require disruptive thinking. To address each challenge from a behavioural lens, we deploy a large toolbox of design, ethnographic, behavioural, and participatory research that helps us uncover latent needs. Our idea-generation, co-design, and prototyping methods imagine and test bold, iterative solutions before large-scale resources are committed. This way we are able to understand the needs of the people and communities we are designing for, create innovative approaches to meet these needs, and deliver solutions that work in specific cultural and social contexts.

Digital Campaigns

Digital Media has become a game-changer for impact work and our cross-platform and digital-first approach has helped communities champion causes, build movements, advocate for rights, mobilise communities to take action, and become the drivers of change.

COVID-19 has accelerated our digital outreach, allowing us to reach over 50 million people, on lifesaving health, hygiene, emergency response and safety messages. As we move forward, we are partnering with mission-driven organisations, helping them create digital strategies, manage their digital footprint, engage communities, amplify causes and measure performance.

Content Strategy & Design

Being a pioneer in the field of impact storytelling, White Rice leverages the power of transmedia, digital platforms, mass media, mobile and community-based media to achieve scale and impact. Our expertise is in designing and deploying context-specific content that not only inspires but moves people to action. In the past, we have designed gamified learning experiences, award-winning animated stories, TV commercials and public service messages, short films, documentaries, interactive games and VR/AR applications.

Till date, White Rice has delivered over 300 animation, documentary, and communication-related products across 13 UN SDGs.


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