Nutrition and Food Diversity for All

Nutrition and Food Diversity for All

White Rice x Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)



Over 50% of children in Balochistan are stunted. White Rice partnered with the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) to create a behavior change program targeted on nutrition and food diversity for women in Balochistan.

With COVID-19, the pressure has increased for these small farmers and food security has become a major challenge.


The 12-week behavior change program supported women in creating micro-habits and helping them grow kitchen gardens and integrate diversity by adapting their regular meals. Building on BJ Fogg’s MAP model, our program focused on making the behavior simple and easily integrative with their current norms and context. Furthermore, we worked on the ability for mothers to apply this in their lives, looking at what, how, where, and when they will do certain things and understanding how the smallest things can block someone’s behavior is empirical in terms of how the training was designed and how it was able to create that difference.

The program also introduced learning by doing – helping set up kitchen gardens so they have access to most food items in their backyard, cooking demonstrations so they can learn by doing, peer-to-peer learning programs, and learning from positive deviants in the community.


The program directly reached 11,000 families and impacted over 100,000 people through community facilitators. FAO is expanding the program across Balochistan and is integrating this model into their regular programming in Pakistan.

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