Our approach is based on a mix of behavioural psychology, human-centered design, neuromarketing, and systems thinking. We work on the principles of how humans actually behave, not how they should.

We believe the biggest challenge is behavior change: getting people to change habits and start doing things they haven’t done before isn’t easy. To do so, we bring our toolbox of design thinking, behavioral science, and systems thinking to understand context and human behavior. This helps us create micro-habits to kickstart the habit loop, while we keep nudging them towards long-term behavior change.

Our approach stems from a deep understanding of human behavior and how to design solutions collaboratively with and for the people. We chose this approach because it creates solutions within a relevant context that are more long term, more sustainable, and scalable.

We combine all these elements to create the White Rice experience, which involves storytelling, gamified learning, and an understanding of how you create great design. We are involved in every stage of delivery, from research and insights to strategy and ideation to prototyping, testing, and scaling the solution.

Over the years, White Rice has empowered thousands of frontline workers, who are the key to changing behaviors at the community level. We work with them, understand their journeys, barriers, pain points and how they deliver programs. We then design and co-create solutions built on behavior change models and approaches that facilitate experiential learning and meaningful interactions between the frontline workers and communities.

4-Step Behaviour Change Process

Understanding Human Behaviour & Cognitive Biases

Behaviour = MAP

Behaviour happens when Motivation, Ability, and Prompt coincide.

We further split Motivation, Ability, and Prompt into 15 psychological factors that make or break the likelihood of your target audience acting the way you desire.







Our programs are designed to optimize your campaign or intervention on these dimensions as needed in a scientific, testable, and scalable manner.

Our mix

1. One Formula B=MAP

2. Two Humans Rational and Irrational

3. Three Principles Motivation. Abilitiy. Prompt

4. Four Layers Selft. Interpersonal. Community. Society

5. Five Tools Nudges. Boosts. Modifications. Thinks. Shoves.

The combination of the three principles, four layer, and five tools offer tremendous variety of digital, non-digital, and hybrid tactics to choose froms for all sorts of applications.

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