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We work at the center of change. We use behavioral science and design thinking methods to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Our work has impacted over 10 million people in the last 15 years.

As a behaviour change agency, White Rice partners with the world’s leading mission-driven organisations, to implement and scale solutions that create change.

We create strong partnerships, are committed to designing relevant solutions for communities who need them, and think innovatively to advance towards a vision of a more inclusive, responsive and human-centered social sector.

Clean & Green

SDG 6: Clean Water & Sanitation

How might we encourage Punjabi citizens to start a movement to make Pakistan clean and green?

Child Stunting

SDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing

How might we enable 26,000 mothers to raise healthier children?

Girl Effect

SDG 4: Quality Education

How might we use mobile storytelling to teach underprivileged girls critical life skills?

Alif Ailaan

SDG 4: Quality Education

How might we get millions out of school children back to school?

The Last Mile Training

SDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing

How might we support last mile health workers in delivering immunization services across the globe?

White Rice has been at the forefront of building momentum and creating movements in education, health, nutrition, water and sanitation, women empowerment and gender equality, climate change and others.


From health to gender equality, we empower disadvantaged communities, inspire movements and drive action. By collaborating with 100+ organisations, our design solutions have reached millions of individuals across Asia, Africa, and Europe.


“We learnt a lot from White Rice, especially on paying attention to details and how to embrace ambiguity with confidence and finding a way forward. I can proudly say that the level of clarity we have today on our project is only because of the HCD process and credit goes to White Rice for leading this process.”

Seher Afsheen
Programme Manager at Oxfam

“The quality of work White Rice and its team has done for the stunting reduction programme, is something that we at UNICEF are proud of. What you started within looking deep, I think its something that we should all see as a vital undertaking in whatever work we do, because without that we tend to miss out on details, and can lose focus on quality.”

Kitka Goyol

“I had an incredible experience working with White Rice. They brought our project to life. The team is made up of creative and dedicated individuals who constantly bring new ideas and solutions to the table which makes any campaign immensely impactful. I would undoubtedly say that we owe a lot of the success of their campaign to White Rice.”

Mehr Hassan
Communications Specialist, FAO

Behaviour Change Communications

White Rice works on unique social challenges, systemic issues and problems that require disruptive thinking.

We create community-centered and behaviourally designed communications, while enabling last mile workers, communities and on-ground outreach channels for change.

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Digital Media has become a game-changer for impact work and our cross-platform and digital-first approach has helped communities champion causes, build movements, advocate for rights, mobilise communities to take action, and become the drivers of change.

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Content Strategy
& Design

Being a pioneer in the field of impact storytelling, White Rice leverages the power of creativity and design to create immersive experiences, gamified learning, visual storytelling, and transmedia content to inspire communities into action.

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Our approach is based on a mix of behavioural psychology, human-centered design, neuromarketing, and systems thinking. We try to work on the principles of how humans actually behave, not how they should behave.


Meet the team who turn dreams into reality.
We have over 20 team members working across three continents. What drives us:


We eat, drink, and breathe insights. We are field-focused and people-centered and like to stay where the action is until the job is done.


We create possibilities by being system-savvy, inclusive, and understanding that context where behaviours exists and can be changed is the key to solving global challenges.


We are relentless in scaling up ideas into pilots, transforming them into nationwide programs through iterative design.

Raheel Waqar


Syed Hasnat Masood

Behavior Change Strategist

Usman Zahid


Zeeshan Khalid

Digital Media Team Lead

Saleha Tahir

Senior Manager Creative Services

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